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Ball mill is an idle tool for grinding many materials into fine powder and it is used to grind different kinds of row materials. There are two ways of grinding, first is dry process and second is wet process. It are often divided into tubular type and flowing type consistent with various sorts of discharging material.

Our Company has about three decades of involvement in manufacturing engineering equipment and machinery of diverse kinds. Although we manufacture and provide different machines like crushing equipment, drying equipment, screening equipment, pelletizing equipment, feeding equipment, storage equipment, mixing equipment, conveying equipment etc., our ball mill are one of the most selling products. We are best manufacturer and supplier of wide range of ball mill such as Continuous Ball Mill, Disintegrator Mill, Batch Type Ball Mill and many more.

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Greenfield Techno Project, we take pride in being recognized as one of the leading suppliers of Ball Mill in India. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for industries seeking top-notch grinding solutions.

Aiming to satisfy our clients we provide our clients different range collection of ball mill which are used to grind or blend raw materials for use in mineral dressing , paints, pyrotechnics, ceramics, and selective laser sintering.

Ball mills are utilize comprehensively for scraping and compressing purposes. These are genuine products that are effortless in manufacture and have simple working ethics. You can count on our premier "ball mill Manufacturer", to source well planned ball mills at affordable cost.

Ball Mill is equipment utilizes for size decrease and homogeneous equivalent combine of wet and dry material effectually. We are manufactures Batch type and Octagonal Type Ball Mills specially designed ranging capacity. We are also supply hood to unload material with dust avoidance arrangement on customer request. Tone Gear appointment is also provided on customer request for well-being providing.

Our Company has about 30 years of expertise in this field and has seen the complete reconstruction of the technology all these years. We have always enhance our machines with the synchronous technology and preserving standard has been our basic plan since we entered into these fields. Hence our machines are the absolutely advanced, laden with the latest features as well as are high in quality. Apart from that we always maintain the price of our products. Hence we have good position in the trade and are widely preferred.

Ball mills are special grinding machineries that are used in the industries for grinding and mixing diverse industrial raw-materials such as cement, lime stone, asphalt, ores and alloys, chemicals, paint pigments etc. We are the one of the leading manufacturers of wide variety of ball mill of diverse specifications and models. Our broad range of ball mills includes continuous ball mill, octagonal type ball mill, batch type ball mill in India.

Ball Mill is equipment using for size reduction and homogeneous mixing of wet and dry material effectively. we are manufactures Batch type and Octagonal type Ball Mills specially designed ranging from 2 Kg to 10000 Kg capacity.

Ball Mill Liners Manufacturers

[Greenfield Techno Project], a reputable Ball Mill Liners manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We take pride in providing high-quality, precision-engineered liners that improve the operation of your grinding mills. With an emphasis on innovation, durability, and client satisfaction, we are a trusted partner for sectors looking for high-quality solutions.

Ball mill liners are components that protect the ball mill's inner shell from wear and tear. They are often composed of rubber, steel, or composite materials, and are intended to extend the life of the mill by absorbing the impact and abrasion caused by the grinding of the mill's contents (such as ore, rock, or other materials). Ball mill liners are critical for sustaining milling productivity and efficacy because they reduce downtime and maintenance expenses associated with periodic replacement of the mill's inner shell.

Ball Mill Manufacturer in India

  • By utilize stagger bearing as primary bearing, dry oil lubricating, without thin oil lubricating station, minimize the operating costs.
  • By utilize the systematic segment of grinding way, to reach the perfect grinding superbness.
  • By utilize special diagram and optimizing acceptable Length to width.
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We stay updated with the latest technology to offer very advanced machineries. Our emphasis is always on offering high quality products..


we are manufactures ball mill exporters specially designed ranging from 2 Kg to 10000 Kg capacity.


Carrying more than 30 years of Engineering Excellence Legacy, Greenfield Tech Projects has established its name as one of the best in its operational areas.

Ball Mill Supplier India

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Ball Mill

We manufacture high performance ball mills in India that are nothing but grinding machineries used to mill and mix materials in

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Octagonal Type Ball Mill

Octagonal Type Ball Mill

It is called so because the barrel of this machine is octagonal in shape designed so for enhanced efficiency and functionality.

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Batch Type Ball Mill

Batch Type Ball Mill

This type of ball mill is specially designed for getting batch by batch output. This machine is preferred for both wet & dry

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Ball Mill fulfil various benefits and satisfaction, such as


You can utilize ball mill for both dry and wet grinding that mostly depends on the performance. The wet grinding process contain the utilize of water or similar liquid with which flowability of the support substance can be increased. It is attained by appending an interesting wind tool on the ball mill market. Our experts recommend users to present both dry and wet grinding process at low speed, which is named as ball mill critical speed.

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